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Here's a journal of a fangirl who sometimes draws.

   I'm not really an artist. Drawing is just a little hobby of mine, and I can't write to save my life X)


Mainly Supernatural FPF ^_^ For others, I usually just read the fics: Teen Wolf, PoI, XMFC, Tolkien, Riddick, FF8, X-Files, Star Trek.

Tools: Mechanical pencil, Wacom Graphire4 6"x8", Adobe Photoshop CS3
My techniques & brush download

Feel free to friend/defriend anytime :) Please send me a PM if you want to be friended back. Though, I can't take drawing requests anymore, sorry. Also, I'm self taught so I probably won't make a good art beta.
If somehow you're inspired by my art and want to write fics based on it, just go ahead, there's no need to ask for my permission ^^ But please don't use it for hate.

deviantArt | Tumblr | Twitter | AO3

Thanks to the lovely onetouchspark for giving me a cute angel userhead! ^^ ♥

P.S: My job often makes me go to places without internet or cellular reception, and emails/messages pile up. If you sent me one and I haven't replied for some time, I probably missed it >_< Don't hesitate to nudge or resend.

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